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The latest fall good deals

     As horse owners we are all happy that summer is over and fall has made its yearly arrival. I hear the joy in voices of all my horse friends and see the postings on fb describing the wonders of fall during trail rides and year end horse shows. We feel good because our horses feel good. They show us everyday through there running,bucking, kicking and playing in the pastures. They too are celebrating the return of fall. It appears that the time is now for shopping for those items that will be needed now and in the coming cold months of winter.The Farmers Almanac is forecasting a severe winter so we need to get ready. has their winter blankets on sale right now for as much as 36% off. I decided to look for a good pair of muck boots that would keep my feet warm and dry this winter. Well I found them at Nobel Outfitters Muds boots The most comfortable muck boot for winter to keep my feet dry and warm. has a lot of horse products and supplies for all things horse. Regardless of your equine discipline there are tons of equine supplies, products and "stuff" for you to prepare your horses for the coming winter. Now hurry and go shop. Remember we are mobile so you can shop from your smart phone. Happy fall riding.

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