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Remedy for “Scratches” using horse products you already have.

After reading an article written by Heather Smith Thomas published in a 2001 issue of Anvil Magazine I decided to try this remedy. I was pleasantly surprised that I could order each of them by going to my website and clicking on shop now where I purchase all of my "everything horse" products.

I have had my horse"Tank" for nine years and he has always had a growth on his 2 back feet in the pastern area where the foot bends. I have tried many things and actually got rid of the growth on one foot by simply putting vaseline on it for a long time but the growth on the other foot would diminish but would grow back.

I finally decided to try this remedy so I purchased all of the ingredients from while on my site and mixed them together in equal parts. I had rubber gloves and I would advise you to use them. I followed the directions to clean and dry the area each night when my horse came into his stall and then applied the mixture to the growth liberally. 

At first it seemed that nothing was changing but finally the growth started deteriorating when I would brush it with my hoof brush. After about 4 weeks it was smaller and then one day I was cleaning his feet and noticed one side of the growth was just hanging loose so I pulled on it gingerly. To my surprise the whole thing came off. For the first time in 9 years he is scratches free.

The first ingredient is benzimidazole dewormer drugs, found in horse paste wormers. Some of these are fenbendazole (marketed as Safe-Guard or Panacur), cambendazole, oxybendazole (marketed as Anthelcide EQ), oxfendizole (trade name Benzelmin ) and mebendazole. I ordered Panacur. The next ingredient is nitrofurazone ointment (an antibiotic salve), and one part DMSO. Considering how long it took I would advise you to order 2 paste wormers.

If you are like me you try to take care of your horse in the best possible way that you can afford. Many equine products can be costly and don't always work. My vet sold me something (I can't remember the name of it but it was $20+ in a very small tube that never did anything) These items are fairly inexpensive especially when purchased online at your favorite horse supply site and what a wonderful feeling when you see it working.


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