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Today I want to introduce you to a person whom I greatly admire. She is my horse trainer, friend and mentor when it comes to “all things horse”. Her name is Teana Mazzarone Hodge and her farm is located in Pender County in Southeastern NC.
While I could write in much detail about all the ways Teana has helped me with my horse, I want to tell the part of her story that began about 4 years ago when she adopted her first mustang and the continuation of that dream which began on Jan. 22nd, 2016.
After Teana adopted her mustang, a gorgeous bay mare age 6, she had 120 days to prepare for the ultimate show at Mustang Million in Texas which would culminate with her dream come true. Her girl, named PT (short for Perfect Timing) was smart and willing which led to quick first markers: haltered and leading on the first day, on her
back on day 3,  saddle on day 4. Before I knew it she was hauling her to other farms to work in other rings to get her use to other places. Even though it was Teana, I was amazed at how quickly she was riding her just like I ride my 15 year old horse.  But then one day this wonderful journey came to an abrupt end. The necropsy report revealed that PT had suffered a broken neck while in the wild but the bones had fused back together only not exactly the way they were before the break leaving them fragile. While in her stall and with one swing of her head the fused bone came apart severing her spinal column. Teana was heartbroken and devastated as were those of us who were following their progress. The dream was over.
Fast forward to Jan. 22nd, 2016. Teana brought home her new mustang, a 5 year old mare born in the wild near Sweetwater, WY. As of this writing she may be named Sweet Girl. Thus the journey begins again.
I look forward to following this wonderfully talented young woman as she progresses using natural horsemanship methods to gentle her mustang and teach her to become the horse partner that Teana knows she can be.

Look for more articles, pictures and videos on this website to keep up to date on Tean’s progress.

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