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Fiona’s Foster Fund

Last year I launched this website in memory of a friend’s foster filly who died of complications from colic. This beautiful filly had such potential and my friend had agreed to foster her and participate in a really awesome program called Lope Rescue ( more about this in a future blog) developed by another friend of mine who is a trainer and an Ambassador for the American Mustang.

The website was created to provide financial incentives through donations to people with the place and the heart to foster rescued horses but do not have the money to feed and care for them.

With the relaunch of the website I have added another benefit. My website has now gained the approval of and their partner Ebay Enterprise Affiliate Network. Now everyone can go to or my companion site and click on the banner or click on the shop now or store in the menu browser and it will take you to the online store to shop. With your help by shopping I will donate 25% of the commission earned by my website to Fiona’s Foster Fund Inc., a 501(c)(3) corp.

You will still be able to donate a monthly amount if you wish but this way all you need to do is shop for all those things we all need for our horses.

In the coming days, weeks, and months I will continue to provide the link to my website and all the latest news regarding what we are doing to further this project. Please come and help us help horses.

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