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Welcome Fellow Horsemen!

“Fiona’s Foster Fund Inc.” in memory of Jan DeVoss’ USERL yearling filly who passed away after complications from a severe colic. This non-profit corporation will accept donations to encourage more people to foster rescued horses by assisting these foster families with funds to purchase feed, hay and farrier services. Over the years I have heard people say “we would like to help and we have the place but we can’t afford to pay for feed and hay.” It is my prayer that with the help of all of us that these donations will allow more people to foster the many horses who are in desperate need of a home.

            Now that Fiona's Foster Fund Inc. is a legitimately filed 501(c)(3) non-profit corp. filed with the NC Secretary of State I am preparing to accept donations. The bank account has been set up and Fiona's Foster Fund Inc. now has its own paypal site. There will be several ways to donate to this fund (See bottom of this post). While this will be a private fund we will work with those rescue groups to help where there is a need.

            If you have a place set up for horses and are willing to take rescues but can’t afford to feed an extra mouth let me know. I have a horse but not the place (I board my horse on a small farm owned by someone else with a barn that is full.)

            We are very fortunate that we have such a wonderful community of horse lovers. Wilmington Equestrians and Mustang Million are both huge horse communities and are followed on facebook daily. I have also found that there are many people in our community that do not have horses but would want to contribute to this project. I hope to get the message out there to support the foster program through donations. I feel that we should all help in anyway that we can. If all of us gave just $5.00 a month to help those who can foster, it would help those who rescue to rescue more horses. It is miserable to think of the horses waiting to be rescued because there are not enough foster families to take them. They can only wait so long.

            Those of you wishing to foster let me know. Those who would like to know more about donating let me know. Those who have the time and would like to help as a volunteer at your local rescue barn let me know.


You can call me at 910-547-3333 or email me at or contact me through facebook at Linda Abegg Clark

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