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The Easy Does It Ranch

I have known Bill White for many years and have known about his passion for his Easy Does It Ranch. In fact I have been there to ride my horse and camp out in this beautiful place. For the past 14 years Bill has been able to rent this beautiful 41 acres with a cabin on it every year through donations for the sole purpose of holding several 1 week camp experiences for teens who are recovering from living in families with alcohol and drug abuse. These teens come from recovery programs in their local home towns in NC, VA, SC, MD and DC. They are assigned a horse to feed and care for and ride while they are there during the week. They are assigned the usual chores and duties that come along with ranch life including helping the chuck wagon cook with meal preparation.They also attend 3 12 step meetings each day and ride the horses every day. The camp is free to the kids with the help of the ranches sponsors and all proceeds that the Easy Does It Ranch takes in from fundraising events throughout the year. The sponsors not only donate money to get the kids there but several donate the use of their horses and horse supplies, feed and equipment throughout the camp weeks.

Bill recently notified me that the owners of this property have decided to sell it and Bill is trying to raise the money to purchase it through Go Fund Me and word of mouth. I can’t say enough about this program. I feel so strongly about it that I asked Bill back in the summer if I and my horse could come and volunteer to help out next year if there is a next year. We all know what positive things horses can do for the mind and the body. Many of these kids have never been around horses or even been out in the country camping. Many have written to Bill later and told him what a difference this experience has made in their lives. Many come back and volunteer each year. Please, if you can, go to and donate to a much needed cause.

Happy trails and have a blessed day.